Historical Milestones

CFP is a division of Wozniak Industries, Inc. Wozniak Industries is a group of three companies: Commercial Forged Products located in Bedford Park, Illinois, GMP Metal Products with facilities in St Louis, Missouri and Humboldt, Tennessee and Trinity Machined Products located in Aurora, Illinois. Wozniak Industries corporate office is located in Schaumburg, Illinois. Each company is similar in that all customer design and manufacturer metal products. Our customer base includes, agricultural equipment, off highway construction equipment, oil and energy markets, heavy-duty trucks, trailers and bus, industrial equipment, defense equipment, railroad transportation, and so forth. CFP and GMP have a long and proud history. TMP is a value added machining business.

Commercial Forged Products was founded in 1874 as the Smith & O’Leary Company Products included artillery shells, motor housings, castings, and farm and truck forgings. In 1946, CFP was renamed Commercial Stamping and Forge and manufactured tunnel supports, tank heads, and miscellaneous forged and steel fabricated products. In 1986, the CFP was sold to Wozniak Industries, Inc. and named Commercial Forged Products. Today, CFP remains a Wozniak Industries division, producing custom forged parts. Our business extends to the agriculture, truck, track trailer, off-highway equipment, oil & energy, percussion drill bit and other industrial markets.

Today, Commercial Forged Products is the largest independent manufacturer of upset forgings in North America.

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