Our capabilities include closed die press and upset forging cells, which can produce a number of products including flanged axles, drive and beveled pinions, axle shafts, percussion drill bits and a variety of gear box and power train components. In addition, we have two forge tubing cells for the oil/energy markets and well as horizontal directional drilling (HDD) pipe. We continue to add value to our customers by offering    heat- treated products, which are managed through our Outside Vendor Service (OVS) group. With significant redundancy in our upset, press and tubing equipment, we are also well-positioned to support any expedited market requirements.

Additional capabilities include:

  • CFP produces forgings up to 1,100 lbs
  • Fully machined products produced through Trinity Machined Products (part of the Wozniak Industries family of companies)
  • Full compliment of thermal processing through outside vendor services group
  • Additional capacity available for large orders
CFP Engineering


We offer creative, cost-saving solutions to our customers through lean principles and a team of certified engineers with advanced capabilities, including collaborative product development, metallurgical consultation, and the use of advanced engineering software.
CFP Manufacturing


Our continual reinvestment in the company has enabled us to improve our internal processes and stay globally competitive, highlighted by our $20M investment in our asset base, including forging and tube cells, hydraulic press systems, and material handling equipment.

CFP Materials


Through strong partnerships with steel mills both domestically and internationally, CFP efficiently procures materials that meet customer needs, and our network of warehouses allows us to meet even the most demanding production schedules.

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